Bikaner's history dates back to 1488 AD when a Rajput prince Rao Bika ji a descendent of the founder of Jodhpur (1459 AD)., Rao Jodha Ji established his kingdom here. Bika Ji chose a barren land called 'Jungladesh' and shaped it into an impressive city, called Bikaner after the founder's name. Archeological surveys and excavations have established beyond doubt that civilization flourished here even before the Harappa period . Excavated statues, coins and carvings of stones and clay stands as testimony to this fact.
Ever since the foundation of Bikaner till its accession into Indian Union in 1947 A.D. and there after it's integration in Rajasthan state on 30-3-1949 A.D., Bikaner has played a notable role in the history of the country. Bikaner state has produced several able Generals and warriors and distinguished Rulers just to name of few Raja Rai Singh Ji-One of Akbar's most distinguished Generals. Another famous name is Raja Anup Singh who ascended the throne in AD 1669 a scholar and warrior. His period has been described as 'the golden time of Bikaner valor and fame'.In the modern period Bikaner produced the most outstanding Ruler, namely Maharaja Ganga Singh who ruled for 56 years. He was a strong and able ruler who renovated the traditional administration, modernized the army, separated the judiciary from the executive, constructed the famous 'Ganga Canal' and provided a number of welfare schemes, hospitals. His son and successor Maharaja Sardul Singh, who ascended the throne in A.D. 1943, played a conspicuous role in the merger of the princely states in the Indian Union. His Nationalistic outlook shall ever be remembered by the citizens of Bikaner. His son Dr. Karni Singh made a mark in Indian politics and in the field of sports. Ever since 1952 General Elections he had been elected as member of Parliament continuously for five terms. He attained international fame in shooting arena.
While Other cities of Rajasthan are rich in lake and pleasure Pavilions, Bikaner Seems quite bare in that respect ,Given it's severe climatic conditions, the wealth of it’s architectural heritage lies in it’s forts, place and temples.Junagarh fort which was Started in 1857 is one of the very few forts in the country which has never been conquered & its worth seen place for it’s architecture & valuable collection of miniature paintings and other rare items letting back to several centuries.
Lalgadh place is located a little outside the city, a magnificent place designed by sir Swanton Jacob for Maharaja Ganga singh about 90 years ago.
Karni Mata temple, located 30 kms South of Bikaner is a uniqe temple dedicated to karni mata , an incarnation of Goddess Durga. This temple is famous for the legion of Rats which are venerated here.
Rasik Shiromani Temple
Junagarh Fort
Lallgarh Palace
Gajner Palace
Archaeologists and historians have been fascinated by the discovery of this ancient city.